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August 30, 2012 at 6:15pm

How I lit outdoor in midday sun with model Ryan Taylor -

I wanted to create an outdoor studio space using all natural light.  To achieve the look,  I decided to do this shoot midday on the rooftop (on the hottest record-breaking day in DTLA mind you) and I had two strong burly photo assistants rig a 20’ x 20’ silk horizontal directly overhead the model and set up a 20’ silk backdrop on a seamless stand behind him.  Then I had the two photo assistants stand as close as possible to Ryan without getting into the frame - one holding a white foamboard card while the other one standing on the opposite side held a black foamboard.  The white card really bounced the light from under so any shadow created from the sun overhead was filled in.  I then created shadow/contrast on Ryan’s face by having the black card be as close to his face.

You can see the photo on the right to get an idea of how the rigging was set up instead of being confused from my non-ability to draw with perspective drawing. I also switched the positions of the foamboard cards in my drawing versus my photo but I’m too lazy to change it now…

Check out the rest of the shoot with the very-easy-on-the-eyes Ryan Taylor in Carbon Copy here.

Camera: Canon 5D MKII with 50mm lens.  Shot at 1/2000 at f/2.8, 100 ISO

©2012 Diana King


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