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February 12, 2012 at 2:40am
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THA BLOG IS HOT // Jake Stangel Blog: A guide to doing the damn thing aka get where u wanna go part 4 of 4: Small commissions →

Post 4 of 4

Starting on small commission work…

While I’m just starting out in my career and what I’m shooting is considered a “small commission” my goodness I feel like everything I shoot is huge and I stress/fret/implode on every assignment because I feel that the images are so reflective of who I am as a person and as a photographer and I truly care about every single image that goes out there in the world.  

I have a very similar story to Jake’s experience where I learned an extremely valuable lesson.  However, that incident happened fairly recently so I’ll just let that story hang out in the backburner and share it one day.

But the point is, every shoot you learn something and better make all the mistakes while you’re doing this stuff for chump change.  

Last post from Jake but I hope he continues to write these type of posts because everything he’s written has been spot on!!!! Thanks Jake for your informative amusing posts/rants.  I appreciate them! :)

Check out Jake Stangel’s work!  So dope and it’s shot on filmmmmmm weeeee! 


Hey girl.

Welcome back to the program. The program of making it. If you’re just joining, I’m writing a large 4 piece post on what I think are the four most important things you can do to become a professional photographer. They are (follow the links back as the parts appear):


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    Some much needed advice/inspiration to contact local journals/periodicals. Thanks, Jake!
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    ridculous amount...coming photographers! Take
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