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February 12, 2012 at 2:08am
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THA BLOG IS HOT // Jake Stangel Blog: A guide to doing the damn thing aka get where u wanna go part 2 of 4 →

Part 2 of 4


Thanks Carmen Chan for the heads up to this blog!  See how I just gave my buddy a shout out there?  I just networked hehe ;)

No but really, meeting fellow photographer Carmen was life changing for me and has really been such a great inspiration to me as a photographer.

It’s easy to be a proprietary type of photographer (as listed in Jake’s post) and sometimes I get to be like that but then I snap out of it because ultimately, what’s the point?  You’re just hoarding information that makes you seem selfish and insecure. Eww don’t want to be like that.

One has so much to gain from learning and sharing with others which is what Carmen and I did which helped us both in our careers.  I’m so proud of where she is now and I only see HUGE things.  Damn, girl has been mentioned on twice for How I Met Your Style which she created with another photog Ken Wu!  =D


Hey there girl.

So I get lots of questions on the blog and in email form about either how to make it OR about thinking about how to start trying to make it OR getting stuck trying to make it. A gentleman named Paul emailed me a very nice comprehensive email and I started to write a very nice…


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    Part 2 of 4 Thanks Carmen Chan for the heads up to this blog! See how I just gave my buddy a shout out there? I just...
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    ridculous amount of good information...coming photographers! Take
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    all (those who are seeking to become a photographer) should read those words (and the other parts concerning this topic)...
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    Great writing from Jake Stangel, read closely! —