Latest published beauty work in the May issue of Fitness Magazine.

This was shot at Runyon Canyon where lots of people yelled and cursed at me and my crew. People are serious about their fitness no joke.

Model: Lindsay Belanger @ HMM / Hair: Tony Vin / MU: Mia Yang @ Atelier Management

©2014 Diana King

Blast from the past!

Going through my archives and looking through my old work is very cringe-worthy and painful. To my surprise, I came upon this story and actually don’t mind it (too much). This was one of the first mens fashion story I shot and my attempt at being cinematic using hot lights, smoke bombs, fog machine, and gels.

Model: Trevor Himes @ Vision

©2014 Diana King

BTS from today’s tabletop commercial shoot 👌👍 #creepyhand #contagiousla #shiseido

Thank you @spage33 @lindsaybelanger for running in the sun with me all day! Best looking pretend couple ever! @wymanchang @danielepiersons @fillermag #houseofcards #sampage #fillermagazine #polaroid #fuji

Sam, shadows, and polaroid goodness. @spage33 @wymanchang @danielepiersons @fillermag #houseofcards #fillermagazine #polaroid #fuji #shadows

My new car! 🚗 #photoshoot

Shooting with babe @minji_money today 😍 @my_0607 @tiffanichynel @fredollamasjr #photogenics #faultmagazine

I guess wearing a hat wasn’t enough shade for you. #photoshoot #unclesam #latergram (at Runyon Canyon Park)

Typical crew. Just standing around. Tired? Pffpt. 😩 #photoshoot #latergram (at Runyon Canyon Park)

This is what it takes to be beautiful on the cliffside of a rock. #dangersofaphotoshoot #latergram

Amazing crew & models somehow agreed to hiking deep into Runyon Canyon for a photo shoot. Haha fools! 💪😅 #fitnessmagazine #polaroids #latergram (at Runyon Canyon Park)